The only peer-to-peer tutoring app that connects any university student who wants to learn to fellow university students who can teach them, at any time.

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How it works

An easy and intuitive platform.

Find a tutor

Learn anything

Browse student-rated tutors in you area. All the tutors have a completed profile with their qualifications, experiences and ratings, so you can select your best match !

Become a tutor

Become a tutor

Share your knowledge. Work around your schedule. Set your own rates.

Meet new students


You can meet students with similar academic interests as you, create friendships and build professional connections.

About Yourtime

In today’s interconnected world, helping each other is the secret of a happy life.

What if you could instantly get someone to answer your academic-related questions?
And what if you could also be that someone and earn a part of income? All of that from a single-app. That’s our goal at Yourtime.
We’re here to help you get the most out of your student life.

Because today, students are overwhelmed with financial issues and pressured to get perfect grades. Yourtime empowers students to take control over their life by offering them an app that is cool, social and smart. This app can put a stop to anxious thoughts and break free from excessive worry with two solutions in one single platform.

Join our growing community and start being the boss of your own life!

What people are saying

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So easy to use. I’ve been using this app since 2 weeks and already made £250. Definitely a game changer!


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It literally saved my semester. I had to miss a lot of lectures this month and the tutor I found on the app was a Postgrad, she explained way better than any lecturer I had. Hits differently when it’s another student explaining! Highly recommend.


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I’ve been giving maths tutoring for some time now to make extra cash, but always struggled to find students to tutor. Not only did it make the process easier, but I was able to double my fees in 3 weeks thanks to my reviews! Love this app


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