Wellness & Productivity

Tips on how to be more productive from home

woman working from home

In those challenging times, keeping your brain active and healthy is essential. Surrender to the moment, and take advantage of it!

Some of our tips :

Read, read, read!

Unplug the TV, hide the remote and get back to basics! We seem to never find the time to read a good book. What’s your excuse now ? 🙂

Our recommendations

  • The innovator’s dilemma- Clayton M.Christensen
  • Lean in- Sheryl Sandberg
  • The intelligent investor- Benjamin Graham
  • The artist’s way- Julia Cameron

Update your resume!

Think of ways to better it, make it more catchy/professional.

PS: Engaging in tutoring/teaching activities while still being at university looks extremely promising on a CV!

It shows your eagerness to learn and your ambition to succeed!

Click here for more tips on how to improve your resume.

Work on some long term projects.

Brainstorm, write down your ideas, and START!

Websites that can be helpful: Squarespace, Wixx, Fiverr.

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